For the fiscal year ending June 30, 2016

Province Revenues

Total Revenues: $3,602,140
  • Operations includes ministerial income from friars working in schools and parishes.
  • The National Religious Retirement Office is support given to religious orders across the United States.
  • Advancement net revenues have increases 29% from last year!  This increase is especially thanks to the hundreds of donors that contributed to the Continuing Our Journey of Faith campaign.  Dozens of donors have also committed $1.8 million in fundraising pledges that are not yet reflected in these financial figures.
  • We did need to request reserve drawdowns from the Journey of a Lifetime Trust and the Good Counsel Trust this past year, but we were able to replenish nearly $500,000 of that with your contributions to the capital campaign.  These trusts are independently incorporated and managed by a lay board of trustees to benefit the Augustinians.

Province Expenses

Total Expenses: $3,033,067
  • Care for Retired and Infirm Augustinians supports friars in assisted and skill living; the retirement community in Crown Point, Indiana; and other medical/health expenses.
  • Our expenses for Formation/Vocations Outreach have increased 23% since the previous year.  Why?  With more men joining the Order, we need to provide for increasing housing and education costs.  With more men joining the Augustinians in this upcoming year, we are budgeting for another increase of 28% by June 30, 2017.  This is a great problem to have!
  • Missions in Peru expenses support the formation of Peruvian Augustinians, special programs to serve the poor, and operational support in parish missions.
  • Province Operations includes administrative costs like renting office space, printed communications, Province events, and travel.

Excess Revenue over Expenses:  $569,073

Majority of excess revenues represent donor-restricted contributions (from the Continuing Our Journey of Faith campaign) to rebuilding financial trusts benefiting the Augustinians.  These trusts are independently incorporated and managed by a lay board of trustees.


Internally produced by the Province of Our Mother of Good Counsel.  These financials have not been reviewed, audited, or compiled.