Mr. and Mrs. Ronald M. Abramowicz

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Adams

Mr. and Mrs. Livio Andreatta

Anonymous (3)

Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Benos

Berman Capital Management & Research

Mr. and Mrs. Ted C. Berman

Dr. Michael Bland

Ms. Christine Bobek in Honor of Fr. Tony Pizzo, O.S.A.

Mr. and Mrs. John L. Brecht in Memory of Fr. David Brecht, O.S.A.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Brennan, Jr., in Honor of Frs. Carlos Medina, O.S.A.; Richie Mercado, O.S.A.

Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Burns in Memory of Br. Kenneth D. Mehn, O.S.A.

Dr. and Mrs. Kevin G. Burns

Burns Photography, New Lenox, Illinois

Deacon and Mrs. Robert Carroll, Jr.

Catholic Theological Union, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Chevlin

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Clarke

Mr. and Mrs. Barry G. Collins

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Culen

Dr. Geoffrey R. DeTolve

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Dore in Memory of Fr. Lawrence P. Dore, O.S.A.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Engvall

Rev. Ronald J. Essman in Memory of Bishop John McNabb, O.S.A.

Dr. Barbara M. Falk

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

Dr. Bruce Fleck in Honor of Thomas Fleck

Ms. Martha A. Gadola in Honor of Fr. Don Bates, O.S.A.

Mr. Stanley M. Gavlick in Memory of Mr. Stanley Gavlick, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Griffin

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Gross

Mr. and Mrs. James Hogan in Honor of Fr. Tim Cuny, O.S.A.

Holy Rosary Parish, Kenosha, Wisconsin

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Hrinkevich

Mr. and Mrs. James H. Jones in Memory of Fr. Ted Tack, O.S.A.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Jurmann in Memory of Fr. Ray Ryan, O.S.A.

Dr. John E. Kauth

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas J. King, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne G. Klasing

Dr. Eileen Knight

Knights of Columbus #324 of Oak Lawn, Illinois

Mr. David J. Knox

Mr. Richard D. Kornowski

Dr. and Mrs. Francis J. Kostel

Ms. Regina Kristopaitis

Mr. and Mrs. James M. LaFleur


Mr. and Mrs. John LaFortune

Ms. Virginia Leonhart

Maibusch Family Memorial

Ms. Karen Martin

Mrs. and Mrs. Donald J. McCabe

Mr. Michael McGarry

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick G. McKeever

Mr. Brian McKenna

Dr. and Mrs. Jose R. Medina in Memory of Fr. Ted Tack, O.S.A.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Meyer in Memory of Fr. Gerald J. Theis, O.S.A.

Dr. and Mrs. Francis P. Mohan in Memory of Fr. Ed Chapman, O.S.A.

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Nolan

Mr. Dennis O'Keefe

Mr. Michael J. O'Rourke

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Palombo

Mrs. Veronica Pheney in Memory of Fr. Jerry Ryan, O.S.A.

The Pocono Foundation

Mr. Pete Polesel

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Prieboy

Providence Catholic High School, New Lenox, Illinois

Province of Saint Thomas of Villanova of the Augustinian Order

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Pustejovsky in Memory of Fr. Jerry Ryan, O.S.A.

Dr. and Mrs. Bernard Ryan

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Santee

Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Schmit, Jr.

Mr. Robert J. Scmitz

Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Schouten

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Schroeder

Schwab Charitable Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Charle E. Shanle

Dr. and Mrs. Rick Singh in Honor of the Augustinian Community of St. Jude, New Lenox, Illinois

Mr. and Mrs. David C. Slattery in Honor of Fr. Mike Slattery, O.S.A.

Mr. and Mrs. R. Thomas Slattery

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin R. Smith

St. Clare of Montefalco Parish, Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan

Mr. and Mrs. James B. Sullivan

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip J. Supple in Honor of Br. Sam Joutras, O.S.A.

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Tierney in Honor of Br. Jack Tierney, O.S.A.

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Tonner

Mr. Robert S. Topor and Ms. Rachel Rone

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Traven

US Charitable Gift Trust

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Walker

Mr. and Mrs. James Werner

Ms. Catherina Wojtowicz

The Harold & Hazel C. Wright Foundation